16th November 2018

* This program is currently available for community group and summer camp bookings only.


Be Yourselfer’s Puppet Program

(Grades JK-1 & 2-4)


The Be Yourselfer’s Puppet Project is a program under the direction of the Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association’s Health Promotion team. Our Health promotion team will bring our own puppet video(s) to your classroom, camp or group setting to promote understanding and resolutions through Q&A sessions and interactive educational games.


Students will:
I. Examine the factors which influence self-esteem, body image and nutrition.
II. Identify and understand the terms body based harassment, body image and healthy food choices.


A. Self-Esteem
B. Societal Influences
C. Body based harassment, Nutrition and Physical Activity

* For more information contact Stephani Fenkanyn at 519-969-2112 or Stephani@bana.ca.




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